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Mesut Özgen
Mesut Özgen

"Gil Carnal's lattice top guitar is an exceptionally successful example of integrating traditional and new designs. I have played great guitars built in both designs for a long time, such as a 1988 José Ramirez and a 1995 Simon Marty. I always had a desire, however, for a guitar combining some of the qualities of both. When I finally had a chance to play Gil's lattice-top guitars in 2003, I was greatly impressed by his ability to integrate the best qualities of the traditional Spanish sound with the amazing colors and sustain of lattice design. Although the recording of my CD Troubadour was just completed, I couldn't resist adding one more piece to the CD, played on Gil's lattice-top guitar. Thank you, Gil- for building an astounding guitar with remarkable tone and playability!"
Rico Stover
Rico Stover

"The guitar Gil Carnal made for me is a sensitive and powerful generator of sound. I can play very loud and, more important, I can also play incredibly soft and either way, the instrument's ability to sustain is remarkable and full. At the same time, the tone of the instrument is very beautiful and round, rich with overtones and vivid colors. Furthermore, the response of this instrument is so immediate and quick that it makes my job as a player significantly easier. All of these factors combine to make the Gil Carnal guitar an outstanding instrument!"
Tony Harmon
Tony Harmon

"I have been performing in concert for many years, composing for film and had the honor of performing for President Ronald Reagan. In my travels, I have heard many of the renowned guitars being played in concert and in the recording studio. I first heard Gil Carnals' guitar when he asked me to play one at the La Guitarra California Classical Guitar Festival. This guitar stood out among the many that were featured...it had a beautiful, pure and strong presence and I knew at once that I must have a guitar like this. I am now using my Gil Carnal guitar in concert and for all of my recording obligations...I have yet to find another guitar that compares to the total quality of this instrument."
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